doctor internet (forsooth) wrote in applecleat,
doctor internet

last night's round of names

Beth Quiffe
Jillian Globewurm
Sperm Haunte
Honch Texstar
Troope McGraw
Tracy Chandelier
Cherry Cafeteriax
Blobe Simpson
Laugho Hippita
Troy Simpleax
Harden E. Stonesworth
Johann Flagon
Groucho Sparx
Clester Gronnut (rat eater)
Floridian Greenglow
Ranchero Torez
Dillary Huff
Hottie Dee Jailbate
Octavius Walrax
Thorax Birch
Azrael Skellington
Tiffany Bonesworth
Anita Stem
Proboscis Youngboner
Tim Koch
Tawny Jizzjar
Zeus Dreamweaver
Hercules Timberpath
Arian Dixon
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Clester Gronnut (rat eater, lives at the end of Crabtree Lane, has two teeth and a broken porch)
i like Floridian Greenglow

it sounds kinda gbv-esque
i think dan gray came up with that one